15 August 2015

Hearthstone: The Grand Tournament

Finally here comes another round of Hearthstone expansion. According to the information as seen in my favourite :

Expansion Information:

  • The expansion will contain 132 new cards.
  • The Inspire keyword has been added. This activates the card's effect every time you use your Hero Power.
  • Lots of the new cards will have effects which work with Hero Powers.
  • Cards are found in a new type of card pack, separate from the Classic and Goblins vs Gnomes packs. Packs contain 5 cards.
  • Packs cost 100 gold, or can be purchased using the same real money pricing structure as current card packs.
  • All cards can be crafted and disenchanted using Arcane Dust.
  • A pre-purchase is now available which will run until the expansion launches.
  • A special pre-order discount for 50 card packs is available for $49.99 USD (£34.99). 
  • The pre-order gives you the Triumphant Card Back.
  • This pre-purchase can be done once per account.
The Arena
  • The pack rewarded at the end of your run will now be randomized between The Grand Tournament, Goblins vs Gnomes, or Classic.
Since I'm in Malaysia, I think the best way would be purchasing the special bundle through the Google Play Store, using the Android Version of the Hearthstone. My last check 15 Aug 2015, the price in Hearthstone on Android Device remains RM180. which is much cheaper, considered that the USD to MYR exchange rate is around 1:4, (price in the desktop client is $49.99, would be nearly RM200 based on the normal credit card currency conversion. )

Anyway, let's anticipate the coming Hearthstone Expansion this August of 2015! 
(check the link above to find out the complete cards from The Grand Tournament Expansion. 

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