28 April 2015

It has been a while! And a year in Hearthstone!

It has been a while away from this blog, and left unattended. Lot of things have changed since then. Hearthstone, a collectible card game by Blizzard entertainment has invaded my life. Now it becomes available on the mobile platform. The excitement continues with the latest adventure: Blackrock Mountain. A card game that I really love it since it's based on the Warcraft universe. The blackrock mountain adventure is reminiscing, due to the past experience in World of Warcraft online game. I have run the raid all by myself alone just to collect the tier 2 paladin gear, "judgement gear".

Since then, I continue to take the paladin to the next level in this Blizzard hearthstone card game.

The adventure continues, and so will this blog. I shall revamp this, and continue the writing lifestyle. This memory is brought back by the facebook features, that reminds me the excitement of getting a free pack from the code. Nostalgic it is. While I continue my collection journey in hearthstone, I'll carry on my journey of writing, and learning. Just one last thing before pen down, the favour text on those collectible card game is interesting. Just one of my favourite card in heartstone, [] ! and there is a short favour text: "If you haven't heard the Tirion Fordring theme song, it's because it doesn't exist."    Truly, I wonder why they haven't made the entrance of Tirion Fording more exciting, since he one of the Paladin powerful legendary card in hearthstone :)

See yea again in next update :)

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