18 November 2013

Mont Kiara Map & Local Info

This post here, we’re looking at properties around Mont Kiara. Thus in this vast internet world where to get the first hand basic information for our property searching needs? A few queries come into mind, I need to get some insight into that location of interest, possibly a map, some local information there, pricing, current trend, and perhaps discussion and public opinion over it, Nonetheless, might as well agent contact information, for follow up.

There we come across this propwall post on the Mont Kiara Map, and local info, click here.

Propwall provides a general easy to navigate layout for finding the necessary information for me. A concise write up and introduction on the Mont Kiara proves to be very helpful. For instance, it gives a good summary stating it being one of the most affluent housing area, highly self sustainable neighbourhood, good number of shopping malls, overviews of food places, and public transport, and overall accessibility

Worth to mention its integration with google maps provide a clear insight into the hot spot and top properties around that area! Mouse over the area on the map would further provides detail on the landmarks shown on the map. If we’re curious about the statistics of properties, the price change over time, there is a table, and line charts for a quick glance. Hmm, from my view, the house and condominium prices seems to be appreciating over the year and rose up quick within just few months!

Besides, there are ample collection of pictures and image shot from different perspective over the properties around that area. In fact, I think that’s really helpful. As more picture gathered from various source and put up here by the agents, it help to set the expectation, and give us an idea how’s the environment, which saves the hassle of travel down to the place to do examination or viewing on our own.

When we’re really interested on a particular property around that area, all we need to do to find out more about it will be clicking on the property name, image link, and there, it will bring us to the detailed page of it. Do check out the premium classified ads and property agent contact on the left.

Sum it up, the ease of access local info and the highlights on the Mont Kiara area provided by propwall, save my day. I think that’s a time-saving reading place, where it provides a concise property information for our research needs.

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