07 September 2013

Time is Nothing, Timing is Everything.

An interesting quote that I found in the World of Warcraft Darkmoon Fair, Sayge's Fortunes. Time is nothing, Timing is Everything.

Time flows every seconds, and every moment, but to determine whether we succeed in achieve something it's timing that matters. Act in the right timing, and in a successive rhythm it will yield a higher success rate act at just any time.

Therefore, we have to be vigilant about timing and opportunity. However, in order to spot that, we need a plan and understanding about what we want to do. Without having the thought and plan in mind, the right timing and opportunity may slip away without being noticed.

Therefore the secret is the 'thought'. We need to formulate the thought in our mind, make it clear, and repeatly polish it, define it in detailed, and put it into action in the right timing.

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