28 July 2013

Make use of Programming Knowledge

When I have made up my mind and decided to revamp this blogging site, I come to realise that I haven't made good use of my knowledge in design. I could have applied the knowledge in CSS to make the website responsive, (changing layout and display according to the display size of device). This is something I feel that gifted with the knowledge, but I haven't put them into good use.
The exposure to mobile technology development, and get to know about this responsive web design, put me in a different perspective when I come to look at my own blog. I decided to give it a revamp, getting some responsive template, and then customize them to meet my own taste.

When I get my hand into it, the CSS tweaking has seem to be an easy task for me. (Some of these concept is actually carried from another field of programming, such as mobile development. ) Ouch, what a waste if I haven't made use of these knowledge and put them in more practical place, to build something useful. As I know how to operate with CSS syntax, understanding their concept and coding technique, the next step will be exploring more designs, and adapting those interesting features into my work.

In fact, a pleasing design, does make a day brighter. :) Don't you think that if we're able to make beautiful things, it rewards in many perspective of life as well? Alright, thus the next goal to myself will be studies into the design language.

Lastly, I'll have to pen down here, and hope that in the next upcoming post, I could schedule and build up the content of the site. Till then, be happy and have a good life. 

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