11 May 2012

iBilik Philippines! Get a lodging place, and start travelling!

Find an Accommodation!  - whether we're travelling , or staying in the city for work, for a living, a comfort stay is above all XD . Now we can see that iBilik service has been now extended to Philippines~

In term of functional perspective, this site serves a good site for finding a lodging place. Either for travelling purpose, might as well as for the local there to look for room to rent. It covers quite some majors city as shown in its front page. Based on my guess, it's useful when we want to rent for a room due to working , living, purpose, as we move from one city to another city, and comes in handy whenever we want to have a short term stay while we're travelling in that country.

The interfae for 'Rooms for rent' is slightly dull compare to the Short Term Rentals classified. Probably for tourist business, things do get better? Oh well... non the least, we can see that there is a preference available in renting a room. 

A handy preference that it caters when it comes to rent a room.
It has quite a number of useful information, including location, room type, and target tenants, pricing, location, in overall, it's well categorized. The 'Short Term Rentals' pages get to be more attractive, as it comes with picture for a direct view of the room environment. It has slightly difference search criteria, layout on this section. 

The Short Rentals, are categorized by the room type, which I believe could help us much on finding a suitable lodging place. Undeniably it's quite informative. Booking can be easily made through the website.
Just have a look of below chart, it includes the calendar to indicate the availability, rental price, condition, and type, and user are free to drop in review, which having this greatly help other users in making decision
Besides it actually has the features to help the host to promote the other unit which intend to be rented out. 

Lastly, it seems this property site, also comes with a handy tutorial information. Well take a look of the following pictures, you can guess how simple it is.

In the end of this review, we can see that this is quite informative site. it packs with a lot handy useful feature especially in getting a lodging place for travelling purpose, or a rental accommodation for working & living in Philippines. In term of graphical UI, it may not be using very fancy design, its simple theme actually let people get use to it pretty easily. Whether you're staying in Philippines, or travelling to Philippines, if you are looking for a room, why not give a chance to  ? why not check it out yourself? : )

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