06 March 2012

The Feeling that Something will come Someday.

From the Bible we're asked to be patient, and to be informed that sometimes, we just need to wait, and give time for things to happen, and to know that God is working on it.

In real life, undeniably, we can't foresee what's coming in the future, yet we still can believe that it's on its way. Hopefully, and may all the good things finding its way to our present life. Somehow, I got this inspiration from internet purchase. When I bought something, and I learnt that it was dispatched, and it was being delivered to me, I find that it's quite awesome, for that kind of feeling. Knowing something to arrive, and that kind of anticipation being carried from day to day, and just become knowing that it's on its way.

Even though sometimes in life , there are may disappointment to the anticipation. However, think again, as long as we continue to believe, and do the things that we should in our life... something good will surely come to us. "In due time, it will reap". In fact, regardless if the 'Good' were safely delivered to us, we can, and is encouraged to send out the 'Good' to others..

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