22 February 2012

Little bit of inspiration from Gundam Series.

I used to wish that someday I could actually watch Gundam series, their show when I was a kid. It wasn't available to me during my childhood, when that time there wasn't any internet access, and Gundam Show isn't broadcasted in my country television programme, only until the last 5 years or maybe, or whatever. 

What I want to say, from all the classic Gundam Series there, we see a few elements, Wars, Casualties, loss, love, and friendship, and ultimately, talk about character building as the show progress on. I guess, apart from the mecha design, the character buidling part, is what I enjoy most actually.. and there is where the inspiration comes in how the loss that impact the characters in the story to stay strong, and to strengthen their will in life, and to fight, and protect others..

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