24 May 2011

First Look on Viber app on Android phone

The much anticipated app finally shed some light in my gmail inbox. It's a surprise that I login today to see the invitation to download the application finally arrived, after some time to apply to be a beta tester~
Viber email invitation

In the email, it mentioned that the APK could not be shared otherwise other will not be able to accessed it as well, however signing up to be a beta tester is open to the public and everyone at

As in this beta version of Viber, there is a message telling its user it's in the 'Beta' phase.  (Look carefully, it's in Android : )  though it shares a rather iPhone-like design. ) If not because of the top 'Android' notification bar, I bet it's hard to tell, whether the screenshot are really taken from an Android phone.

Generally, the whole application seems rather easy to use. (All the buttons and settings are already on the 'screen') Hence, those 'Menu' button available in Android phone basically does nothing in this application. I tried the voice call, so far so good, except with some delay, probably due to my network speed. Messaging wise, it's satisfying.. except the font looks a little big. Well, so far I've only tested a few times with friends using iPhone. I'm eager to see how its final version arrival would fundamentally change the way we use Android phone~ : )

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