28 February 2011

Better utilization of HTC Desire HD Android Phone

There is always something to do to better utilize the phone. Even though running on stock rom. It's a matter of how we use it, and make the device serve us better~ I will share the experience on using the device after few months playing with it...

1. Have a centralized control panel for all frequent used setting.
  • The Android notification center that can be pulled from the top is a nice feature, just if we could have a icon based centralized screen, it's even more convenient. HTC Desire HD is a powerful device with abundant of functions. Just to name a few such as using as flashlight, wifi modem, radio, music player, gaming, ebook reader etc. Some function such as rotation, brightness adjustment, (especially while reading / surfing) are frequently used. Having a centralize control panel, just ease our life to make the changes faster.
  • The screenshot shown is Widgets arranged one of the screen using WidgetSoid 

Screenshot - Widgetsoid
2. Tips to Reduced Lag
  • enabled USB debugger mode (at least screen rotation seems much faster for me)
  • enabled fast boot (optional but definitely help to boot up the phone faster)
  • change Flash plugin to on demand. (some people @ xda-developer claims it has some effects, even save battery power?)
3. Myth about Task Killer. (and RAM usage)
  •  Task Killer, (though many claims to save battery life, and makes the phone runs faster) BUT! that's only if the task killer has killed the problematic apps that really cause the problem in the background. Else it only slow down the phone.
  • WHY? FREE RAM - won't help boost up the speed, but a well utilized RAM. More RAM, it allows running more and complicated operations, as long as the program / application stay inside the RAM (if CPU usage is 0%) it doesn't consume battery life, but makes the next launch faster. You may notice this especially in some frequently used program, compare to launch it, then kill it, and launch again. Inactive apps stays dormant in the available RAM, and if Android OS needs it, it will do the clean-up and give space to other needy program / application. 
  • Google for "Android Task Killer Myth" yield some good articles..
4.Keep the Battery life longer (More Juices, more power!)
  • use static wallpaper? Live wallpaper consume battery(A nice beautiful wallpaper might be able to substitute a live wallpaper) checkout DailyMobile Wallpaper gallery
  • JuiceDefender!  - let it helps manages the battery-drain components; alternative: enable / disable Mobile Data,Wifi (manually)
  • change screen brightness. (Desire HD battery is much spent on its screen display. Auto-brightness maybe help, However, having an option to change brightness easily may help too. Even at night time, dim places, 1% brightness is good enough for viewing, (bedtime reading etc?) it does make some differences
5.  Temp-root it To get something extra?
  • probably you don't want to void your warranty, or for some reason, support the Manufacturer stock rom, and the phone is still getting updates..
  • temproot gives an option to do a few extra things. Such as viewing the encrypted cached Wifi Password, Perform a screen capture of the device (These need root access). 
  • if you're fancy of these option, think that it's useful. : checkout VISIONary  (* if you do only a temproot, on next reboot, it will go back to unrooted. )
updated 1 March 2011

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  1. Android has revolutionized the use of cell phones by it's unique applications. Thanks for the post.


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