01 January 2011

This Year, 2011, MMXI

The Google logo for every event is always interesting. This year, now, it has been 10 years since  I still remember when the time the Calendar first cross from 1999 to the year 2000, the millennium moment, my family and I have a count-down at the nearby Pizza Hut, due the the invitation received from eating KFC near that moment. The moment of crossing the year, have gradually becomes blur in my memory, however, that year, was a significant change in my life. Changes of environment, and people around me, recover oneself from the lost, and anticipate for coming future ... Since then, I went through a lot of things. Those are indeed precious moments.

Even technology has changed so much since then.. Certainly our lives was greatly changed and affected by the technology too. I still remember how my aunt once told , in the future, it will be an era of technology. Now, I think I have witness some part of it. Welcome year 2011, and Happy New Year ! :)

let's anticipate some positives changes in the time to come.~

By 'wishing' it, it gives us a mission, a goal , a direction to look forward to.
By 'doing' it, we will slow move towards our realizing our wishes and dreams.

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