12 December 2010

You Can Now Find Bed & Breakfast in KL

So, being a holiday maker, or a backpack traveller, or maybe a travelling salesman; A place to settle down for night time is the priority when you're out from your home. Usually, our initial thoughts would be hotel, then the next thing is how about the cost? Probably most of people out there would think the same as I am... finding a low cost yet comfortable accommodation for a holiday trip or an outing.


Well, I've been wondering if there is any good directory listing of rooms available... ?
and hence, I come across this website by a special opportunity.

STUDIO APARTMENT TO LET, JALAN IPOHIt looks like a website with a simple two-columns layout design, but it gives us a fresh and attractive look. It has an easy to understand layout. I believe even my parents that are not internet savvy would find this understandable, and useful too. Well it definitely looks like a great tool to plan my upcoming holidays in local.

Based on my first browsing experience, I've to admit that I like the way the website presents the Room for rent / short rental. It provides a standardized presentation format of rooms details, at the bottom of the room detail page you could find a calendar that helps to identify availability dates easily! I notice that there is a booking button, it seems to provide a way of doing booking online. (After selecting dates from the calendar) Apart from that, We could get the basic information such as rentals and map direction (powered by Google Map) and address to the location etc.

In most room rental listing I've seen, rarely come with pictures,  unless hotel? This website definitely get its merit as there are pictures to demo the rooms condition. (especially in the section of 'short rentals' and it comes in a gallery view too).

Apart from being an ideal website for holiday planning (in finding short term room rental), it seems to be an ideal website for those who owns a property and interested to rent out for some bucks. I did a registration and it is just few simple steps (fill up id name, password,  email etc). Lastly I believe there is a quality control of the room for rent post, as seeing a short note in the user dashboard, room post will only be activated after review…

In my opinion, if this website exists earlier during my college time, it would be great for doing backpacking or shopping trip in Kuala Lumpur, the city of shopping centres in Malaysia XD. Therefore, if you're interested to have a holiday shopping in KL, and looking for KL short rentals have a look of the website to plan for your holiday :)

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