24 November 2010

How To: Fix Chinese Locale IME is not available even after install files for East Asian Languages

I have encountered a funny issue while trying to install Chinese Language to a Windows XP machine, in order for me to type in Chinese character in the Windows XP. However, after numerous installation of the language in the Regional and Language Options > Supplemental Language Support > enable "Install files for East Asian Languages" ; I untick it, uninstalled, and tick it again and install back.. it just doesn't work !

There is still isn't any Chinese Language in the list of Input Language from the Language Bar Setting~ Though I can surf page that displayed in Chinese font properly, I just couldn't do Chinese Input..

and well the solution is to deal with the 'modified' culprit file: C:\WINDOWS\inf\intl.inf  (it's like a configuration file that control the language local installation. )

so I believe the default intl.inf file has been tampered hence below are the steps that I have attempted:
  1. Backup the original intl.inf file
  2. Insert Windows XP CD, (search for the intl.inf) using Windows Search (F3) look in the CD for the cd copy of the intl.inf file.
  3. Overwrite the intl.inf (from the CD) to the C:\WINDOWS\inf\intl.inf (Windows Copy)
  4. Untick the Install Files for East Asian Language, restart, and Tick the Install Files for East Asian Language and restart again... then it works :D
Finally Chinese (PRC) is available.

*P/S: when installing the Files for East Asian Language, if it says cannot find the files just browse to the Windows CD directory it should be fine.

I have encountered case that it requires some kbd106.dll files that cannot be found in the CD, (and prompt me to browse for the files). After I used Search function to search for the files in the CD (find it locates inside the SP3.CAB cabinet file), I extracted those required .dll from the CD content to a directory, (ie Desktop, and from the prompt file dialog there browse to the directory contains extracted .dll files)

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