30 November 2010

How to Hide Google Calendar Header?

I'm using Google Chrome on netbook for most of the time, and I have to admit Google Calendar is one of the great online tool. Being a netbook user, every inch of the screen (of 1024x600 resolution) becomes very important, and I do feel that Google Calendar Header takes a lot of spaces~ I've been thinking to find a solution to hide the top header, or maybe something to make the Google Calendar Header more compact, well, finally there is a solution:

Before Applying Script.

After Applying the Script, (A Toggle to hide the Header)

By Installing this script : [ it works like installing Extension in Google Chrome]

Google Calendar Top Bar Toggler - Version: 2.0
 A Script to enhance the browser page viewing =)

* to Remove it: just go to chrome://extensions/ and select the relevant extension and click uninstall.

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