22 October 2010

Ubuntu Netbook Edition (UNE), Installation & Review

Ubuntu Netbook Edition: Search Screen
The new Ubuntu Netbook Edition (UNE) Release 10.10 has an attractive screen as shown in the Ubuntu Website. The new launcher bar design is much better than the previous version (10.04) which it has replaced with Icons, (removed words)

I've been thinking how to get to have Ubuntu Netbook edition interface run on top of Ubuntu Desktop edition. Which means to have an option to choose login into Ubuntu Netbook Edition or Ubuntu Desktop Edition at the User Login Screen. (it's shown at the bottom bar, in th session selection drop down list of the login screen.)

     Searching in the internet doesn't find anything clear or direct. Mostly come across older build of Ubuntu Netbook Edition, which previously known as Ubuntu Netbook Remix (UNR) (up to version 10.04 from older.. release). I've been thinking either need a Alternate ISO , or a Live ISO of Ubuntu Netbook Edition or do an internet upgrade .. or what to go for sudo apt-get install ??? ... Eventually I found that using synaptic package manager is the solution~ (by some intuitive sense, deduction huh? :P)

Simple How-To Guide : Get Ubuntu Netbook Edition install on top of Ubuntu Desktop Edition

         1. System -> Administration - > launch Synaptic Package Manager

         2. search for "ubuntu-netbook" (keyword -> Netbook)

         3. Tick and Apply . Let it search for other dependancies, and Ok to proceed with the installation

         4. Done. and Logout , select Login to Ubuntu Netbook Edition from the Login Screen.

(I would never thought the downloaded size would be so small, just few MB less than 4MB if not mistaken :O for these whole ubuntu netbook package, including unity etc..)

it seems like a simple and intuitive interface. Suitable for social networking activity, online, playing music, chatting, watch video.. The interface is clean and neat..

However, I encounter a little bit of inconvenience of using it... Such as couldn't see an easier way how to access to desktop items. The Launcher bar on the left, doesn't offer any easy option to auto hide? move to other location.. ? Clicking the ubuntu icon on the top left, open a search box, and also provide a cool search-like panel (as in the image on top), though we can find & search everything from there.

It seems a little bit graphic processing demanding for netbook when going into the search screen? hmm (it has some delay on my HP Mini 210). After all, it has a lovely launcher bar.. and it's lively.

The verdict: somehow I still prefer desktop edition. For better productivity, and I can hide the panels in desktop mode for bigger viewing screen area.. Though Netbook unity interface has simplified many things, it's too simplified to me.. not used to it yet.. ~ Still it's worth to give a try :)

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