10 September 2010

Running Android simulator from Google Android SDK

Eventually I manage to load the Android emulator that was part of the android sdk from google in my Linux OS, (Ubuntu). This is question rather than a surprise :O

This is meant to prove my hypothesis is correct :P As I noticed that somehow in Ubuntu Linux 10.4, things run a bit faster than in my Windows 7, being on the same machine - Hp Mini 210. Hence I tried to setup in the Ubuntu... in my Windows 7, it was terribly long loading the 'Android' Text in the blank black screen, and another long while for bigger, flashy Android Words to show, haven't got to load into the OS Screen yet (Have wait for more than 20 minutes+ then I've given up). and it tooks only several minutes to boot up in Ubuntu Linux... that makes me think.. and I wonder...

Whatever, it's an interesting thing.. for me to ponder : System spec, Intel Atom, 1.66Ghz (2 Cores), and 1GB Ram; though the emulator wasn't very smooth in linux..

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