10 September 2010

Linux: Ubuntu? :D OS can be fun too! "COMPIZ" the interesting effect!

Windows , by far has been a familiar terms to most of us. Mac, or maybe Apple would be famous for its iPhone, iPod too; Apple has an interesting Mac OSX too, although not something as common as windows due to its pricing and availability. We could at least try out Linux, the Ubuntu distro! :D

Ubuntu 10.4 (Lucid Lynx on Hp Mini 210)
In my opinion, Ubuntu Linux provides a very interesting interface, and pleasant usage experience. With a wide variety of free apps and cool software, such as "Compiz" - We could enable some of the preferred visual effect via the CompizConfig Setting Manager. 

To install it: 
1. System -> Administration -> Synaptic Package Manager

2. Search for 'CompizConfig-Settings-Manager", marked for installation and apply wait for it to complete~

3. there will be a menu for setting up the visual effect, under: System -> Preference -> CompizConfig Setting Manager. (Enable some visual effect ~ e.g. Rotate Cube)

There are some visual effect rather similar to those available in proprietary Operating System such as Windows 7 and Mac OS X.

Expo -> has some similiarity to Mac OS X Exposé 
Window Preview -> the Aero Peek effect as in Windows 7 / Vista
RingSwitcher -> much like the Windows Flipping effect (access with WinKey+Tab in higher edition) something that appears like switching song album as in iTune, Besides there is a Rotate Cube effect for switching the workspace~

Conclusion, it seems Ubuntu Linux is quite interesting with the right combination of softwares and apps, it could certainly bring some delights in using computer operating system. What's more.. it's free :D  and Free CD (installation media) delivery to doorstep either :P

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