27 September 2010

Flashwear: BIRT Rocks! T-Shirt

Merely testing this interesting promotional T-shirt received from BIRT-Exchange. It was mailed to office some time ago, and I was keeping it in one place until today, feels like testing it :D It is promotional T-shirt for submission of information about BIRT adoption in software development. The T-panel flashing bar is quite similar to the flashy Bar Graph, which resembles BIRT is a charting tool (in general).

It consists of a T-equalizer panel, and a small 4x AAA-Battery powered sounds-sensitive receiver. (the yellow colour box)


BIRT Rocks! Promotional T-Shirt

Sound receiver
this is the video of the T-Shirt in action >:D

at the back of collar part of the T-shirt, there is a label, it shows, FlashWear and its website address,

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