31 August 2010

Mango Dessert ~ with "tang yuan"

A fully ripe mango would taste sweet. It's highly suitable as dessert ingredient. Using the mango (cut into cubes) served with tang-yuan (glutinous flour) and drenched in mango concentrate (especially made from fresh mango) it would taste very good~ Some kind of natural dessert eating sensation. I think the tang-yuan is great addition to the dessert, as it provides something that's chew-able apart from savouring the mangoes...

the dessert name appear in the menu in Chinese :
(Glutinous Rice Ball Mango Dessert)
RM 10.00
(service charged 10%, and Govt Tax 5%, Wet Towel, Titbits each cost RM2,)

*Picture taken from dragon-i restaurant, Mid Valley
*Updated Information based on the dragon-i receipt

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